Win8, the new version of the Windows operating system experience

The first two days of the whimsy want to experience a new version of Microsoft’s operating system Windows 8 operating system. For the new version of the Windows operating system that has just been born for more than two months, there is no real piracy. The most troublesome thing is how to activate it. If you have more RMB, genuine Windows 8 only needs 98 yuan, which is quite cheap. I am the activation code bought in Taobao 8 dollars, the phone is activated, as to whether it is permanently activated, it is really not sure, first use it!

Let me take a look at the renderings of Windows 8 installed:

Win8 Metro start screen

After using Win8 for two days, I feel that Win8 is more like the original Win7 system’s feature improvement optimization plus a special start screen. Win8 adds a lot of operation modes designed for touch screens, such as moving the mouse to the upper left corner (or lower left corner) of the screen, and moving the display background program up and down; canceling the start button in the lower left corner, adding pause function when moving or copying files Wait. If you are using Win8 for the first time, the most surprising thing about it is its start screen and the Metro style app and the new shutdown method for tablets. The new shutdown method is really dizzy, because if you don’t know the use of the new operating system, you can’t find the button to shut down, but fortunately, our hooligan antivirus software has solved these problems for us: the original 360 The boot assistant (including Tencent’s computer security butler) disguised as the start menu, let us return to the era of Win7 and XP all of a sudden!

The new version of Windows also solves a lot of problems, such as driver issues, which will be effectively resolved over time.

The most disappointing thing for me is the startup time of Win8. Microsoft claims that the new version of the operating system only takes 8 seconds to boot, but according to my own experience and online access to most of the users, the boot speed is not as good as the previous old operating system. My computer has been installed with Win8, the boot speed is not less than one minute, the first boot 4 minutes and 40 seconds, and then still need more than two minutes after optimization, today’s boot finally broke through a minute and two seconds I hope to be faster tomorrow!

Win8’s boot speed is a small trick that Microsoft gave us to play. Win8 adopts a new boot technology – hybrid boot, which is theoretically a deep sleep mode. This mode can achieve fast boot, but it is long due to Win8 boot process. These advantages are offset by the boot animation and the landing process. Moreover, Microsoft said that the 8-second boot refers to the boot interface from boot to entry, and when you continue to open the desktop, the boot speed is greatly reduced, this process requires loading various boot items, making the experience very bad. !

The Metro interface of the new system is simple and easy to operate. When you are familiar with this operation, you will find it more efficient than the desktop system. Metro-style apps are pretty cool, but the app store’s servers are far from the US, and we’re very hard to access, and the number of programs is currently poor. More tragic is that we need to adapt to the new way of operation, dear Microsoft, you need to give us more time.

The reason why many people dare not try the new version of the operating system is that they think that the new system is designed for touch screens. I am worried that compatibility will not be a problem. In fact, there is really no need to worry about this. The desktop version of Win8 is different from the previous Win7. Big, the kernel is basically the same, after I tested, the software that the old version of the system can use has not been seen on the new system!

The installation of Win8 is very simple and can be installed in many ways. My method is to use the installation program that comes with the installation package to install: extract the downloaded iso to a non-system disk, find the Setup.exe double-click, and then follow the prompts, it is best to install the new system on the C drive, install When prompted to update the network, please choose not to update, otherwise it will take a long time to install, it is best to connect to the network during the installation process, because the installation is about to end with the need to associate Microsoft account to experience a more complete experience! Do not artificially control the computer during the installation process, at your own risk!