Underwear 101 for Men: Important Things to Know


You’d think there’s not much to know about undergarments – use it, replace it, launder it, repeat — but there’s actually quite a bit more than what most men realize. And whether guys go for boxers, boxers, or prefer to go commando, underwear is probably the last thing on their minds.

As a result, according to experts many males forget “underwear hygiene.” “Most significantly, underwear should be changed frequently and kept clean, and I must inform you that they should be abandoned when old or stained. If you work out or sweat a lot, changing in the middle of the day can help you stay fresh.  More professional’s dos and don’ts are included below.

Simple Guidelines on What to Wear Underneath

With all that in mind, there are a few basic guidelines to follow when it comes to men ‘s hygiene and undergarments. For example, April Masini, a partnership specialist and journalist, backs up the commandment that putting out old underwear is a must. Your outdated underwear isn’t sentimental. It’s revolting. Toss it out. Throw away any unattractive undergarments once a month. Gray, torn, and unattractive. Remove it from your life. Uncertain? Throw it out.

This cleanse should be complemented by regular purchases of new undergarments. In fact, buy some new underwear each time you have a haircut. Make purchasing new underwear a habit by tying it to something you already do on a regular basis.

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Don’t limit yourself to one type of underwear. My recommendation is to mix it up, unless you’re completely devoted to briefs or boxers, have fun with your undies and have some of both. If you enjoy your underpants, she will as well – and everyone wins!” Include at least one pair of every colour, material, cut, and style. Keeping things clean in the bedroom has been one of the greatest things you can do for your partnership, and while your underpants isn’t a cure-all for lousy bedroom abilities, it certainly couldn’t hurt. Check out some Australian made mens underwear here to add that variety to your underwear drawer.

Briefs or Boxers

Variety is the spice of life (and underwear), but that also brings up an age-old question about men’s health: briefs or boxers?  It’s more about your own personal preferences than almost anything else. In principle, boxers provide greater room to breathe while briefs provide support. Tighter underwear will impair fertility, so if you’re attempting to have your wife pregnant, go with loose-fitting boxer shorts.”

It Is About the Material

The second point to consider is the type of material to use. Guys, like ladies, should use synthetic or cotton blends for daily wear and reserve the more opulent silks and other interesting textiles for special occasions, according to Masini.

To avoid chaffing, the latest synthetic mixes are the solution to go. You should absolutely wear underpants that provides adequate support and is made of moisture-wicking fabric. When training, always wear boxers, cotton, or go commando. The great news is that there is a plethora of sports underwear options available at various price tiers. Also, never wear gym underwear without laundering it more than once.