Top Tips for Corrective Lense and Contact Wearers in Risky Workplaces

Many people in many different fields have to wear vision correcting lenses. Whether you wear contact lenses or glasses, these can sometimes be a hindrance to your job duties, especially if you work in a field where eye protection in a must.

There good is that there are plenty of things you can do as someone who needs vision-correcting lenses to still work comfortably in your environment. Many Websites offers a wide variety of protective eyewear that anyone can use and still wear their prescription lenses. There are also a few things that you should be aware, hover, if you need to wear your lenses while working, Here are a few simple guidelines that can help you.

Take Care of Your Contacts


As you probably already know, contact lenses can be fairly delicate, and even a small scratch can ruin them. If you work in a place that has the potential for flying debris, you should take special precautions.

Not only can the smallest particle of dust ruin your lenses, it can also hurt your eye by scratching your cornea and possibly even giving you an infection. This means that you need to be aware of the state of your contacts at all times and take the necessary steps to rinse them whenever you suspect there may be something in them. If you wear disposable contacts, this may not be as big of a problem, but debris can still hurt your eye.

Wearing safety goggles, even if not required, is a good way to keep your lenses in tip-top shape.

Have Backups


If you work in an especially dangerous environment for eyes, you should make sure to have a backup or two that you can use if your lenses get scratched.

Either have another pair of contacts or a pair of glasses that you can use in case of emergency. This will not only allow you to keep working, it will be an easy fix if your lenses become irritating because of dust or debris. You can also keep a bottle of artificial tears that will help clear out any debris and help keep your eyes healthy.

Letting people know that you wear contacts will also give them a chance to help you if you need it. They can either help you wash your eyes or retrieve your backups for you if they need to.

Always Know the Risks


As somewhere who wears contacts, you should always be aware of your environment and surroundings. If you don’t always work in a possibly dangerous area, but you enter an area that poses a threat, you should immediately take the necessary precautions.

Any areas where chemicals may splash on your or in especially hot and dry areas, you need to make sure to know the dangers and be prepared.

If you wear vision-correcting lenses, you know that taking care of them is very important. It’s even more important in the workplace.

Matthew Goodwin works as a safety officer within the industrial field. Eye safety is something he is becoming more concerned about and is taking to the web to share his knowledge and raise awareness for workers and employers.