Top Occasions to Wear Diamond Jewellery

Diamond Jewellery

Every woman who owns a diamond simply knows when they are best worn and ideally, when they are not. Here are top occasions that are great to flaunt your diamonds and sparkle in them just the way you should.


Somehow, diamonds are like the perfect stone just meant to be worn at a wedding – be it your wedding and you are the bride, or be it you being bridesmaid, the brides mom, the grooms mom, or just one of those special guests at a wedding.

Diamonds are charm, elegant, and most of all, versatile, and you can just look charming wearing them no matter what the season is like, how old you are, or who is getting married! Opt for a pair of studs, a studded band, a ring – whatever you fancy and it’s just going to be perfect for the occasion.


This is the season where you would be attending and hosting gatherings, parties, teas and brunches back-to-back. It is the season where you would not fail to sparkle, even if it means in the simplest and most minimal of ways. If you haven’t taken out your diamond jewellery for a while, this might be just the time it made an appearance!

Whether it is your chinky engagement ring that you didn’t want to ruin wearing it every day, or a very precious set that’s been sitting in your dresser safely, waiting for the right time, you do not want to let them be any longer. If you are that lucky girl who’s got an engagement ring as well as necklaces and jewellery sets that are worth flaunting, this season’s great as you can wear one piece at a time if you wish, or wear them paired down to suit an occasion, accordingly.

New Year

To most of us, the new year is like the biggest time of the year that is worth the best of celebrations. If you have traditions where you celebrate big with friends and family, just like most do, it is indeed an event worth preparing for in terms of getting an outfit ready and some fine jewellery to go with it. Again, if you’ve got more than one piece, it is up to you entirely to choose which one/s to wear at the celebrations.

On the other hand, it is possible that you will receive a brand-new diamond ring as a gift from your spouse for the new year. Consider getting it in advance so you have a ton of things to flaunt at the celebrations! Search the best place to buy diamonds Melbourne’ on the internet to find stores closest to you.

Big Events

Women love to wear their rare pieces at big events. Whether it is an official event connected to work, or some sort of family event where you are celebrating milestones and achievements, women often preserve their most precious pieces until such days/events, even if it meant waiting for a really long time. Nevertheless, it certainly does seem completely fair in every way, wanting to save the best of pieces for the best and biggest of events in life, does it not?