How to Replace the ASUS X54C Screen?

When a screen failure, many users will wear your laptop to a service center, and some simply buy a new device. Replacing the matrix laptop specialists can be very expensive, although 90% of the display device can be seen on their own, thereby saving a considerable amount. If you have a desire to save money, but it is certainly present, then we recommend that you read the instructions.

So, if you need to replace the screen on your laptop, then, accordingly, it is necessary to purchase a new display that belongs to your device. Pay sufficient attention to the choice of a new element, because if you do not buy an ASUS X54C screen replacement, then there is a high probability that it just will not work, and connect it will not work. Replacing the laptop should extend beyond the pure table, remember that you need a lot of space. Also, in addition to the new display, you will need Phillips screwdriver, and with the help of which will be the analysis of the device body. Replacement Asus laptop or other will be almost identical, and therefore we will give general instructions. First, as we mentioned above, you will need to purchase a new display. If you want to eventually get a screen with a higher performance, in this case, you can contact the experts to help you choose the item. You can get the ASUS laptop replacement parts, such as ASUS laptop replacement keyboard, ASUS Eee PC 1005HAB charger, etc. at for a good price.

If you do not have full confidence in the fact that the selected display with the best characteristics suitable for your device and after will replace the matrix on the laptop it can work correctly, then it is better to choose the screen identical to the one that was installed on your device. You also need to pay special attention to the manufacturer of the display, as even seemingly identical models can be equipped with different chips. Make sure that the screen was endowed with the necessary type of backlight, or rather, it can be a LED or CCFL. Replacement Acer laptop matrix requires special attention, and this is, in any case, we should not forget.

Now in front of you, it is the most difficult and laborious task, but rather, you will need to remove the outer frame. Then gently remove the non-working display. Next, you will see two or three loops that go to the screen from the bottom of the device, they will also need to disconnect. After complete extraction of the old display, you need to postpone it and start a new connection. Replacing the matrix laptop does not take much time, but in order to get a positive result, you definitely need to act very carefully and slowly.