How To Maintain Your Breast Implants

Getting the perky boobs you’ve always wanted is only one part of the equation. To avoid the risks of degradation, you need to make sure you maintain them properly. Learning about how to take care of your boobs after breast implants will help you maintain them.

Tips For Maintaining Your Breast After A Boob Job

Recovery Is Important

After your breast augmentation, your surgeon will advise you to rest for a few days without work. While the period recommended for recovery is minimal, it is important that you don’t work during this period. Follow all the instructions given to you by your surgeon. To get better results long-term, make sure you allow your breast to heal properly after the surgery. Take special care of them during the first few weeks of the surgery. Having great implants years after will depend on how you treat your boobs from the minute after the implant.

Use Good Bras

The fact that you have firm boobs now doesn’t mean you should burn all your bras. You still need good bras for support. Wearing a good bra will help reduce the gravitational impact on your breast. This will reduce the chances of sagging in the long run. Wear a good bra as often as possible. You can even decide to wear one at night when you’re sleeping. During your workouts, wear a supporting sports bra. Your sports bra should support your breasts and prevent them from bouncing too much when you’re working out.

Don’t Rush Back Into Exercising

While the recovery period after augmentation is minimal and you can return to regular activities after a few days, you’ll need to ease into exercising. If you usually do a lot of heavy lifting in the gym or any other strenuous exercises, hold off on those for a while. Don’t do any exercises until at least one month after the surgery. When you start, take things light and slow and work your way up. For cardio, don’t just go back to doing sprints or long distance races. Start from walking and gradually increase your pace. Your doctor will advise you more on what you should expect when you resume workouts after the surgery.

Moisturize The Boobs

One of the best ways to retain the elasticity of your boobs is to moisturize it regularly. Use a good moisturizer to lotion your breasts often. This will keep the skin around it firm.


Always Go For Your Mammograms

Mammograms are important because they are effective for identifying cancerous cells at an early stage. All women should go for regular mammograms whether they have an implant or not. Your doctor can work out a screening schedule for you. Make sure those at the imaging center know that you have implants. There are technicians who are specialized in screening women with implants.

Avoid Significant Weight Fluctuations

Even without implants, significant weight fluctuations can make the breast tissue sag. Try to keep your weight steady after breast augmentation. Exercising regularly and having a calorie maintenance diet will help you maintain a steady weight. If you intend to get pregnant in the future, keep in mind that the weight changes during that period will affect your implants. You may require a breast lift after the pregnancy to keep the boobs perky.


These are some tips for keeping your boobs healthy and beautiful after breast augmentation surgery.