Facebook Users – Check Ad Preferences To Avoid Liberal, Conservative Labels

Facebook’s ad-based labeling for its user base might have gone a bit too far. Even though the social-media juggernaut has a profile section that allows users to pick out their political preferences, determined by user activity and page likes. The process is not new and efficient means that if someone liked Donald Trump post back […]

Facebook’s New Twitter-esque Feature Recaps Friends’ Posts

Facebook is now testing out a new feature to encourage conversations on the social network. Much like Twitter, the social media giant is testing out a feature that will compile friends’ posts into one box. Titled “What friends are talking about,” it can be spotted in some Facebook News Feeds on the Android version of […]

Integrating social media outlets with an e-commerce website

We’ve all seen the famous TNT channel adverts that pitted unsuspecting Belgians against a bout of pure, unadulterated and magnificently choreographed drama in the heart of their sleepy town. We’ve all seen those intriguing European travel agency ads that placed webcam links across the continent and opened windows to cities exotic and far away. Perhaps […]